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Pool Opens at 2 PM on Mondays

Pool Bathroom Issues

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FEMA Map Revision

Please find the attached Letter of Map Revision for Stonehurst Plantation Units One A through Unit F and Unit Two A. This replaces LOMR 03-04-2470A.

Also attached is a Community Acknowledgement Letter for the units that are affected by this change. This should be sufficient for homeowners to submit to mortgage companies and insurance providers. LOMR-05-04-1809A is still effective.



Stonehurst Boxer

Some of us loved her, Some of us hated her, but most of us couldn't ignore her; She was a wild girl, Raised on promises and soul food!  Afterall it was a great big place with plenty of places to run....                   Stonehurst's own celebrity,  Penny, the six year old boxer has finally left the community after 3 years and 2 hurricanes! We wish her the very best as she start a new life ! Here is a link to our heroine's story 

Pond Water Levels & Flooding

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Park Bench

Have you seen our new Park benches and Picnic tables ?

These benches have a hidden benefit; they are made from recycled wood and plastic composite that is super tough and UV, moisture and scratch resistant to endure outdoors for years with virtually no maintanance. There will be more additions in the near future 


Retention Ponds

Residents have witnessed teenagers on surfboards, kayaks, and swimming in the lake east of Stonehurst Pkwy.  These retention ponds are not for swimming and/or other like activities. 

Please do not go into the retention ponds, you run the risk of bacteria in stagnant ponds.


Pool Access Cards

Residents may purchase up to two additional access cards. Additional cards are available through the management office of First Coast Management for a fee of $20 per card.  If you need assitance please contact Cindy@firstcoastam.com or call (904) 717 9221.

Please be advised that if your Assessments are 9 days or more delinquent a new proximity card will not be issued until such time as your account is made current.

Pic Courtesy John Thomas

Attention Stonehurst Homeowners

This is our community, please keep it clean !  Please follow the pool rules. Parents, please make sure infants are wearing proper plastic swim diapers before entering the pool.  

For any pool maintanance requests during weekends and after hours, please dial alternative number  (904) 998-5365 and leave a message. 


Stonehurst Mailbox Suppliers

Do you need to refurbish or make repairs to your mailbox?  Click here for a list of mailbox suppliers for Stonehurst Plantation HOA.

(904) 998-5365
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