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They're Back!!!!!

Cabana Nights at the Pool

Join us for some fun with a DJ, bounce house for the children and a food truck for good eats.  This years Cabana Nights will be:

Friday May 29th
Friday June 19th
Friday July 17th
Friday August 7th
Friday September 4th

The time for all the Cabana Nights will be from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Prez Sez Blog

Click Here to view the latest from the Prez.

Attention Renters!

If you have a pool card it will be de-activated at the end of your lease agreement. If you choose to renew your lease, you will need to contact Stazac Management to be sure your card is not de-activated. 



The Christie Family Exudes Energy

 No matter where you are, some things never change. The energy of a Red Golden Retriever puppy is one of those things.

No, I am not so desperate that I started interviewing the neighborhood’s animals. In fact, the welcoming doggy energy was not too much more than that of the two Christie boys Logan and Liam. The boy’s eyes grew both in size and intensity as they informed me about their favorite things to do in the area. Logan, the older of the two boys informed me that his favorite things to do include hanging out with his friends, going to the movies and playing basketball. All these responses were then quickly copied by his younger brother Liam. Mrs. Jennifer enjoys St. Augustine, particularly the historic downtown district. And the whole family enjoys the beach.

A longtime resident of StoneHurst, Mr. Phil has watched the neighborhood change. As the first person on the block, he has watched many neighbors come and go. Logan was once again eager to give an answer to my question.”So, where do you/ do you want to work? He plans to eclipse his dad’s 15 years with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office with a career in a laboratory. Possibly taking from his mother’s former career as athletic PT trainer, he intends to make “potions.” Mixing science and the arcane, he wants to make formulas that will help people get better. I.E. he wants to be a chemical scientist.

The boys like their school, San Juan del Rio Catholic School, and love to  read alongside their mom. Their taste in literature ranges from Logan’s I Survived, and Liam’s Magic Tree House “The Night at Dawn,” to Mrs. Christies long list of favorites ranging from Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and City of bones to Twilight. Many people like to travel and Mr. Phil is no exception. “I would go to Bora Bora.” he responded promptly when I asked my ever looming “What if:” question. Mrs. Jennifer’s answer was slightly different. “I would go to Rome, to the Vatican specifically.” The boys were far less exotic, they want to go to New York and “ride the Toys R Us carousel.” “There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” ¯ Frank Herbert.

The story of the Christies ends here for today. However, go hang out at one of the neighborhood parks, visit them at San Juan del Rio Catholic Church, or catch them as they walk Copper and hear the rest of the story. If you want to be next, email me at: BenjaminArisOlsen@gmail.com


Stonehurst Mailbox Suppliers

Do you need to refurbish or make repairs to your mailbox?  Click here for a list of mailbox suppliers for Stonehurst Plantation HOA.


We’re Having What Kind of Meeting?


What’s the difference in a board meeting and a special meeting, or an annual meeting and a town meeting? Confused? Here’s some clarification.

Annual Meetings

Annual meetings—or annual membership meetings—are required by our governing documents, which specify when they’re to be conducted and how and when members are to be notified about the meeting. This is the main meeting of the year when members receive the new budget, elect a board, hear committee reports and discuss items of common interest.

Special Meetings

Special meetings are limited to a particular topic. The board can call a special meeting at any time, and they must notify all members in advance. The notice will specify the topic so interested members can attend. Special meetings give the board an opportunity to explore sensitive or controversial matters—perhaps an assessment increase. Members do not participate in the meeting, unless asked directly by a board member, but they have a right to listen to the board discussion.

Town Meetings

Town meetings are informal gatherings intended to promote two-way communication; full member participation is essential to success. The board may want to present a controversial issue or explore an important question like amending the bylaws. The board may want to get a sense of members’ priorities, garner support for a large project or clarify a misunderstood decision.

Board Meetings

Most of the business of the association is conducted at regular board meetings. Board members set policy, oversee the manager’s work, review operations, resolve disputes, talk to residents and plan for the future. Often the health and harmony of an entire community is directly linked to how constructive these meetings are.

Executive Session

The governing documents require the association to notify you in advance of all meetings, and you’re welcome—in fact, encouraged—to attend and listen. The only time you can’t listen is when the board goes into executive session. Topics that the board can discuss in executive session are limited by law to a narrow range of sensitive topics. Executive sessions keep only the discussion private; no votes can be taken. The board must adjourn the executive session and resume the open session before voting on the issue. In this way, members may hear the outcome, but not the private details.


Occasionally the association notifies all residents of a meeting at which absolutely no business is to be conducted. Generally these meetings include food and music, and they tend to be the best attended meetings the association has. Oh, wait! That’s a party, not a meeting. Well, it depends on your definition of meeting.



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