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Around New Year's, ancient Celtic priests called Druids would collect mistletoe from their oak trees and offer some as sacrifices to the gods. Some would be hung up during a ceremony in which people would stand under it and kiss showing an end to an old grievance.

The kissing practice has never died.

Attention Renters!

If you have a pool card it will be de-activated at the end of your lease agreement. If you choose to renew your lease, you will need to contact Stazac Management to be sure your card is not de-activated. 



HEY YOU…… Now that I have your attention, I have some good news and some bad news. Good news is that the Stonehurst Neighbor Spotlight article has a regular author again. I plan to write it for the rest of this year. The bad news…. well, I have now interviewed just about everyone I know in the neighborhood. I need your help! 

I am Ben Olsen, a resident of Stonehurst for 9 years and a high school student. I enjoy volunteering, hanging out with friends, reading and playing airsoft. I am the oldest of seven children and I have a lawn business here in Stonehurst with my friend Jonathan. 

Your help is truly needed- I’ve already interviewed all my neighbors, friends, and people out walking their dogs. I thought about randomly knocking on doors, but don’t want to be too creepy! I need your help and participation. It is only a 30 minute time commitment where we talk about what you like do, what you say you do and what you actually do. 

So you give me thirty minutes and what do you get? I am glad you asked. My mom happens to be a photographer. When she drops by to take a picture for the article, we will send you a copy. Free family pictures, what’s not to love about that! 

Please help me help our community camaraderie grow by contacting me at benjaminarisolsen@gmail.com. This is a great opportunity to meet others in the community and get an updated family photo while you are at it!



Stonehurst Mailbox Suppliers

Do you need to refurbish or make repairs to your mailbox?  Click here for a list of mailbox suppliers for Stonehurst Plantation HOA.


See You Later Summer!


It’s that time of year—you’re exchanged your swimsuit for sweaters and scarves just in time to roll up your sleeves and prepare you home for cooler weather. As we watch summer fade into the sunset, consider adding the following items to your winterization checklist, and ensure your home is in tip-top shape for the fall and winter seasons.

Ÿ Update your window treatments. Summer’s venetian blinds and sheer curtain panels won’t keep the frigid air from creeping in on a cold night. Consider switching to a denser curtain fabric for the winter months to keep your home feeling cozy and keep heating bills low. 

Ÿ Schedule appliance check-ups. Your HVAC system, air ducts and hot water heater should be checked by a licensed professional to ensure all elements are in good shape for the change in weather—especially if any appliances worked overtime during summer months. 

Ÿ Don’t forget the attic. Check for leaks in the roof, possible cracks in attic windows and insufficient insulation. With the help of a licensed professional or advice from your local home improvement store staff, you can shield your attic from harsh weather. 

Ÿ Replace weather stripping. Doors and windows need extra help to hold heat inside your home. Inspect all door and window perimeters for cracks or tears in your current weather stripping. You also can add a second layer of protection with temporary weather stripping applied overtop your existing seals.  

Ÿ Deep clean and declutter. Thoroughly clean your home’s nooks and crannies inside and out. Ensure electrical cords, outlets and air vents are dust- and clutter-free; tidy up garages and storage areas; and clear any debris from your home’s exterior, especially around vents and drains.




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